Educational Institutions

Schools benefit from lower prices and enhanced services

Our expertise allows our education clients to benefit from diverse marketplace and service advantages not available elsewhere in the marketplace. We have more than 200 education-related institutions taking advantage of exclusive Austin & Co. services such as:

  • NYSAIS Health Care Consortium: Member schools benefit from cost containment and quality benefits. The Consortium supports employer sustainability and faculty and staff retention. Learn More
  • NYSAIS HR Compliance Program: Tailored to meet NYSAIS school's HR and compliance needs! Consisting of an online portal, HR professionals on demand, School experienced HR Consultants, employee handbook builder, and more. Learn More
  • Carrier Leverage and Group Buying Power: A result of our vast education client base, we negotiate coverage and pricing not available in the regular marketplace.
  • School Exclusive Benefits Benchmarking: Valuable industry and peer trends are shared with our school clients to help them make more informed decisions.
  • Education Service Team: Our specialized team of education experts are in schools every day. We understand the culture, schedules and demands of educational institutions.
  • Risk Management Strategies and Expansive Insurance Products: Guidance and best practices for exposures unique to education risks, plus customized insurance programs.

Credentials matter when managing and controlling school risk

Our Property & Casualty team members are Certified School Risk Managers (CSRM), an accomplishment unparalleled in the education insurance industry. Our team understands the challenges of a school environment and can address your questions and concerns with sound risk management recommendations and Best Practices.

To become a CSRM, each team member has studied an intensive school risk management specific curriculum and has passed tests administered by the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.

This unique distinction sets Austin & Co. apart from other insurance and risk advisors.  School risks are challenging, and our specialty focus will help our education clients navigate the best strategies to manage and control their exposures.