NYSAIS Health Care Consortium

Bending the health care cost curve by pooling together

Since 2011, member schools of the New York State Association of Independent School (NYSAIS) have been collectively buying employee benefits, HR consulting, and benefits administration technology through the NYSAIS Health Care and HR Consulting Consortium (Consortium).

The Consortium is a long-term, cost containment strategy where NYSAIS Schools are:

  • bending the health care cost curve;
  • spreading risk among a larger member population;
  • receiving enhanced benefits administration;
  • administering benefits with cutting-edge technology; and
  • receiving HR and Benefits regulatory compliance guidance from certified HR consultants.


Consortium member schools love sharing their experiences:

"Prior to joining the consortium, our premium increases were unpredictable and volatile, and we were forced to make difficult plan design decisions to help control them each year. Since joining the consortium, our premium increases have been predictable and less volatile, and the plan designs have been stable."

"The consortium is not simply a membership; it is like having an extra employee in our Business Office."

"The number one reason a school should join the consortium is because there is power in numbers."




Consortium benefits are customized for your faculty & staff. You know your faculty and staff best, that’s why each member school continues to maintain control of plan selection and contribution models. You have plan options; the high deductible health plan that encourages members to manage their healthcare costs as well as traditional copay plans that offer Cadillac-level benefits. Consortium plans include 6 medical, 3 dental and a vision plan.

Our dedicated Consortium service team eases the burden of benefits administration with:

  • Claims advocacy
  • Renewal and open enrollment facilitation
  • Online enrollment technology
  • Billing and enrollment audits
  • Year-to-date utilization and claims dashboards
  • Wellness facilitation
  • COBRA administration
  • Medicare compliance and disclosure
  • Initial benefits notice distribution
  • Elevated carrier services model
  • Dedicated NYSAIS member call center with extended hours
  • HR consulting and compliance program